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 Borderlands Tweaks on Wed 28 Oct 2009 at 02:24:25

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Set -DX9 as a command line parameter (in Steam, Right-Click -> Properties -> General -> Launch Options) will increase the framerate on most machines

Enable VSync: <User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowEngine.ini search for UseVsync=False and replace with True


Disable the buggy in-game voice chat: <User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowEngine.ini search for HasVoiceEnabled=True to HasVoiceEnabled=False


Port forwarding: 7777 (TCP/UDP), 28900 (TCP), 27900 (UDP), 28910 (TCP), 6500 (TCP/UDP), 9989 (TCP/UDP), 28902 (TCP/UDP). The last three are not listed officially but are known to help.

Front End

Removing the annoying logo movies by commenting out or removing the following lines
<User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowEngine.ini
It's important to keep SkippableMovies=Attract, otherwise you won't be able to skip the attract intro video if you let it start. If ';' doesn't work to comment them out, try '//'. If it still doesn't work, just remove them.

Use the fucking mouse wheel to scroll in text boxes instead of page up page down by replacing all instances of each:
by (respectively)
in <User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowInput.ini

Making crouch a momentary button (not toggle) by replacing:
Bindings=(Name="C",Command="advancedbutton bAdvancedButtonAux1 | SwitchSeats")
Bindings=(Name="C",Command="Duck | SwitchSeats")
in <User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowInput.ini
For my part, I also re-bound the key to the left ctrl, like most games.
Bindings=(Name="LeftControl",Command="Duck | SwitchSeats")

Disable mouse smoothing, make the mouse feel a lot more natural both in game and in the UI by replacing bEnableMouseSmoothing=True with a false value in <User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowInput.ini

Changing the FOV to a wider / more usual angle by replacing:
Bindings=(Name="W",Command="MoveForward | Axis aGas Speed=+1.0")
Bindings=(Name="W",Command="MoveForward | Axis aGas Speed=+1.0 | FOV 96")
in <User Documents>/My Games/Borderlands/Willowgame/Config/WillowInput.ini
(This will set the FOV everytime you move forward. This is because this setting can't be permanent and is reset at each camera change and while sprinting.)

Keyboard controls for the vehicles:
Bindings=(Name="RightControl",Command="Button bFire | StartFire | OnRelease StopFire")
Bindings=(Name="RightShift",Command="advancedbutton bSkill")

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