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 Bugs list on Fri 10 Sep 2010 at 07:26:40

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Problems with MegaMan himself:

- Fix the control problem with pressing diagonals and 2 directions at the same time.
- Implement MegaMan's small steps feature. (When the player just taps the D-Pad lightly, MM can advance almost pixel by pixel) (See MM9 or MM10 game)
- Being able to remain in the "Get-off ladder" position at the top of a ladder and shoot from that position
- There is a bug with the ladders if you keep pressing left or right when catching a ladder (still pressing Up), MM will run in mid-air on the ladder.
- Sometimes, when making a tough tight jump, MegaMan will "almost land" on the corner of the destination platform but then, he'll fall. This never really happens in MM games. Either he falls or he lands. There is never that kind of "almost landing" case.
- Implement puff of dust behind MM when sliding.
- Add "sweat" particles above MM when he gets hit.


- Make enemies drop items randomly (Health, Weapon Energy, Bolts)
- Flashing of SawPole

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 Bugs list on Tue 14 Sep 2010 at 04:29:25

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YO-YOMAN BOSS (And other bosses in general) things to do:
- TO BE FIXED: Hurt flash of Robot Master-size bosses shouldn't be the same as regular enemies. Should flash using the sprite similar to MM's hurt and remain invulnerable for a specific delay (See MM9, MM10, MM2 etc...)
- TO BE FIXED: YoyoMan: We will probably need 2 different IdleDelays depending on Attack #1 or #2
- TO BE TESTED: In attack #1, YoyoMan should throw a yoyo that moves away first and a yoyo that moves back in this order no matter which side of the screen he's facing when he throws them. Right now the first yoyo always moves left and the second one always moves right.
- TO BE FIXED: The last yoyo of Attack #2 curves downward when coming back to yoyo man even though he is in the air at that moment when he performs attack #1.
- TO BE FIXED: When entering, the robot masters should be in their Jump state (When falling down as MM enters the boss room).
- TO BE FIXED: We should be able to easily change the colors of the boss door to fit the level and changing the Boss' health meter colors.

- FIXED (?): Sometimes, small yoyo cutters will remain stuck in corners. I've seen it happen mostly in ceiling corners during Attack #3.
- FIXED - Yo-yo Cutters always deal 1 damage no matter what value I put in the xgun.

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 RE: Bugs list on Fri 8 Oct 2010 at 18:06:07

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Other tasks and bugs:
- TO BE DONE: NEW - MegaMan's shots should disappear when going through a screen transition (Just like the enemies and their shots.)
- TO BE DONE: Add a color in the collision color bank that will only collide with MegaMan and nothing else. This is to create boundaries on the very edge of the screen where there are no walls.
- TO BE FIXED: When an enemy drops an item, if MegaMan crosses a screen transition, it seems the item is not erased. Because if you go through a downward screen transition, the item falls from the top of the screen.
- TO BE FIXED: When Megaman goes up a ladder through a screen transition upward and the ladder ends 1 tile (16 pixels) above the screen transition, MegaMan pops above the top of the ladder when dismounting.
- TO BE FIXED: It seems enemies that are placed 1 tile above a screen transition upward don't spawn more than once. (Can be tested in JetMan and YoyoMan stages.)
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - When MegaMan gets hit while standing on spikes, if he remains on the spikes when his invincibility time is over, he should be killed before getting hit again. (To test, go to Yo-yoMan's stage in section 2b, make the first yoyo spawn and get hit to fall in the spikes, next, don't touch anything.)
- TO BE TESTED: Sometimes, the game crashes when killing an enemy. It seemed to happen with MM gets hit around the same time as the enemy gets killed.

- FIXED: Can't flip collisions.

Last edited on Wed 5 Jan 2011 at 03:45:14 by megaphilx.

 Bugs list on Thu 21 Oct 2010 at 05:31:17

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Tasks and Issues with RAINBOWMAN STAGE & BOSS:
- TO BE DONE: NEW - There should be a HorizontalBossDoor between sections 2o and 2p of RainbowMan's stage and MegaMan should spawn in the center of the screen on the x axis if defeated by the boss.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Lightning and LightningSparks aren't dealing damage to MegaMan.
- TO BE FIXED: - NEW Sometimes, I can't see RainbowMan's arrow and ArrowSparks when he shoots them.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - RainbowMan shouldn't turn around to face MegaMan. He should keep going with his pattern.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Sometimes, the laser spread during the boss battle doesn't form in the right direction. It sometimes forms right in RainbowMan's face.
- TO BE FIXED: Spreaders and changers shouldn't fire their laser or spreads in the same direction the laser touched them.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - It seems the lasers are stopped when hitting enemies or their bullets. They should keep going. (Test in section 2d. Wake up the Leprechaun there and let the laser finish its path.)
- TO BE FIXED: Some lasers are not aligned properly when hitting laser changers.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Make sure RainbowMan is always at the same distance from the walls when ending a run or landing a jump.

- FIXED: The lasers stop when they hit MegaMan, they should keep going.
- FIXED: Lasers and Laser Changers spawn in the section where there is the first boss door and there aren't any lasers/laser changers placed there.
- FIXED: The sounds of the laser should only play when they are fired for the first time and not when they hit a changer. Also, there shouldn't be more than 1 laser sound effect playing at the same time. A newer sound effect should cancel the one that is already playing.
- FIXED: Must build the game in debug mode for the enemies to work properly.
- FIXED: Sometimes after a transition downward, MegaMan gets stuck in the wall. It happens if I'm completely against the wall and pushing the button to move against the wall. After the transition is over, MegaMan is walking against the wall, seemingly stuck in it. It happened on multiple occasions in various sections. It seems the collision is generated too early and MegaMan ca go through it.
- FIXED: In Section 1D, if I slide quickly to take the left path, sometimes, MegaMan would seem to go a little bit through the floor when reaching the floor down (Right next to the first laser). Maybe the laser pushes him through the floor as he falls or he falls too fast?
- FIXED: Touching the Laser Changers makes the game crash. They should hurt MM if there is no laser going through them and they should kill MM if a laser is going through.
- FIXED: Some laser changers spawn correctly but don't work. The laser stops when reaching them. Seems to be happening when they aim up.
- FIXED: Leprechaun has no collision with MegaMan himself.
- FIXED: Leprechaun Coins thrown by the Leprechaun should listen to the damage parameter in the LeprechaunCoin xgun. Right now they only do 1 damage. (I've put 2 in the .cpp file)

Last edited on Thu 6 Jan 2011 at 20:30:08 by megaphilx.

 Bugs list on Wed 5 Jan 2011 at 03:46:18

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Tasks and Issues with TANKMAN STAGE:
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - MegaMan doesn't fall off a treadmill platform if he's facing the opposite direction of the treadmill. He should fall off the edge of a treadmill even if he is facing the opposite direction of the treadmill.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Make sure that ceiling treadmills don't affect MegaMan during his hurt recoil. (To make sure MM doesn't get thrown far away when hurt near a ceiling treadmill)
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Grenades thrown by the Grenade Soldiers don't explode when falling on the yellow collisions at the top of ladders. You can test this at the very end of section 1. Let the last GSoldier live and start climbing down the ladder.
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Mettanks (And maybe other enemies) go through spikes. (Test in Section 4a)
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - The Mettank sometimes gets stuck in walls.

- DONE: Add a normal small explosion when the Mine P is destroyed and fires its 4 projectiles instead of just disappearing.

Last edited on Fri 7 Jan 2011 at 21:42:27 by megaphilx.

 Bugs list on Wed 5 Jan 2011 at 03:46:36

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Joined: Sep 2010

Tasks and Issues with JETMAN STAGE:
- TO BE FIXED: NEW - Shield Attackers' death explosion should be centered.

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