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 Sound Effects Events on Thu 6 Jan 2011 at 21:49:11

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Here, I will list all the sound effects and when they should be used. (Per stage)

BoltCollect.wav = When MM collect a small or large bolt.
BossDoor.wav = When a boss door opens and closes.
BigExplosion01.wav = Whenever the Big Explosion plays.
Confirm.wav = When confirming choices in the game menus (except when selecting a stage in Stage Select Screen)
MMTeleportOUTOld.wav = When MM teleports out and when the player selects a stage on the stage select screen.
Death.wav = When MM or a Robot MAster-sized boss dies.
EnemyHurtStd.wav = When an enemy is hit/Destroyed (Small explosion)
EnemyShot.wav = When an enemy fires a normal shot.
EnergyMeter3s.wav = When energy fills up.
Extra-LifeE-Tank.wav = When MM collects an Extra-Life, Energy or Weapon Energy Tank.
PauseMenu.wav = When pressing the Pause button to enter or exit the pause menu.
Select.wav = When selecting options in pause menu, main menu or stage select screens.
ShotDeflect.wav = When one of MM's shots hits an shielded enemy.

RainbowMan Stage:
EnemyHurtStd.wav = When MM hits the Laser changers and spreaders with shots to turn them around.
Sparkle.wav = When the Leprechaun puts his arms out to throw coins. (Not for every coin thrown. Just for the three times he puts his arms up)
Laser.wav = When a laser is fired. (From the original cannon)
RainbowLaserSpread.wav = When a Laser hits a Laser Spreader.

RainbowMan Boss:
RainbowManRain.wav = During the time the rain is on-screen.
RainbowManLaser.wav = Whenever RainbowMan fires his laser.
RainbowManArrowShot.wav = Whenever RainbowMan fires his ArrowShot.

JetMan Stage:
BombDrop.wav = Every time a Bomb Attacker drops a bomb.
ForkliftEngine.wav = When the forklift platform moves.
BigExplosion01.wav = When LuggageMan's luggages explode.
JetMan Boss:
JetManTakeOff.wav = When JetMan zooms accross the screen when taking off.
JetManPassBy.wav = When JetMan zooms accross the top of the screen.
JetManTarget01.wav = When the target is on MegaMan during the first few seconds.
JetManTarget02.wav = When the target is on MegaMan in the 2 last seconds just before the Jet Missile appears on-screen.
JetMissile.wav = When the Jet Missile appears on-screen.

Yo-yoMan Stage:
BombDrop.wav = When the SkateboardMan throws his yoyo.
SuperCannonShoot.wav = When the Super Cannon fires a shot.
SuperCannonBallBounce.wav = Every time a SuperCannonBall bounces on a surface.
EnemyHurtStd.wav = When the SuperCannonBall explodes.
YoyoForm.wav = When both halves of the Yoyo enemy touch each other.

Yo-yoMan Boss
YoyoCutter.wav = Whenever Yo-yoMan fires a Cutter (Big or Small)

TankMan Stage:
SniperJoeShoot.wav = When a Sniper Joe fires a shot.
GrenadeSoldierToss.wav = When a Grenade Soldier throws a grenade.
MegaTank-ChargeUp.wav = During the warning animation of the MegaTank's big shot.
MegaTank-HugeShotFire.wav = When the MegaTank's big shot is fired.
MineEActivate.wav = Whenever a Mine is triggered.
MissileAttackerMissile.wav = When a Tank Joe fires a shot.
CannonFire.wav = When a Mine P pops out of the ground.
EnemyHurtStd.wav = When a Mine P explodes.
EnemyShot.wav = When the Mettank fires his shots.

TankMan Boss:
TankManChargeRam.wav = When TankMan pauses before ramming MM.
TankManRam.wav = While TankMan rams MM.
JetMissile.wav = When TankMan fires at MM.

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